VO2 Max Test

Improve Your Endurance
And Cardiovascular Efficiency

v02 on treadmill

Precise analysis of oxygen consumption at various heart rates shows how well your body uses oxygen and allows you to customize workouts to improve cardiovascular efficiency.

You’ll understand how well your body delivers oxygen to working muscles, be able to define target heart rate zones to elicit the desired training response, and establish calorie burn numbers at various heart rates. You can do the test on our treadmill, bring your own bike, or use our bike.

Why Take This Test?

Tailored exercise programs are more effective than one-size-fits-all routines, and creating one means you need to know your cardiovascular response across a range of exercise intensities. Our technology makes that simple. When you precisely measure your anaerobic threshold and VO2 max, you can tailor your training program to target your weaknesses and maximize your training efforts.

What to Expect

Measure your aerobic capacity (VO2 Max score) and identify your anaerobic threshold, lactate threshold, and max heart rate.

You’ll exercise on a treadmill, bike, or rower at increasing intensity while we monitor your heart rate and breathing. We’ll analyze the data, explain your results, and help you incorporate the data into your training plan.

The protocol and reports are much like our Cardio Fitness Test, except this test requires full exertion. This test is only recommended for individuals accustomed to high-intensity training.

Identify Your Target Heart Rate Zones

Discover your heart rate zones based on your body’s unique response to exercise.

Understanding What Your Body Is Using For Fuel

As you exercise at higher intensities, more of your energy comes from sugars (carbs). See your unique fat and sugar burning response at different heart rates.

Discover Your Rate of Calorie Burn During Exercise

​Get an accurate measure of your calories burned per hour at different heart rates. Use this to achieve accurate tracking of calories burned during exercise.

Ditch the Generic Fitness Apps

​Sync the results from your test with Korr’s Cardio Coach fitness app to realize precise tracking of your calories burned during exercise.

​​On-screen and audible prompts in the app will keep you in your target zones during your workout to ensure you achieve your desired benefits.

The Report

You will get a 5-page report showing your VO2 Max Score, Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate, Custom Training Heart Rate Zones and calories burned at different intensities.

Body Insight uses Korr’s Cardio Coach Pro technology to provide you with best-in-class measurement accuracy.


The VO2 Max Test takes 1 hour and costs $150 when purchased on its own.
Save money and collect more data by purchasing a test package.

The Works Baseline Package — Bike


This package includes:

  • Body Composition Test
  • 3D Shape Analysis
  • Metabolism Test
  • VO2 Test (bike)

Time commitment: 2 hours
Investment: $275

The Works Baseline Package — Treadmill


This package includes:

  • Body Composition Test
  • 3D Shape Analysis
  • Metabolism Test
  • VO2 Test (treadmill)

Time commitment: 2 hours
Investment: $275