Metabolism Test

Learn How to Make Your Metabolism
Work For You

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Our Metabolism Test is a precise test to measure your unique daily calorie needs, so you can create a nutrition and workout plan that helps you achieve your ideal weight.

Avoid generic estimation techniques to determine the calorie levels required to gain, maintain, or lose weight. Track how your metabolism changes over time to fine-tune your plan for body progress.

Why Take This Test?

Your metabolism directly influences your body’s energy needs and with it, your weight. With this test, you’ll know your exact calorie requirements so you can tailor your nutrition effectively and specifically for you to actually achieve your goals and see results.

What to Expect

This test measures your body’s resting metabolic rate (RMR) and ​identifies how many calories you need to eat each day to achieve your body weight goals.

During your visit, we’ll measure your RMR, identify daily energy requirements (calories), and calculate how long it will take you to reach your target weight.

Learn How Your Body Uses Calories

Discover how many calories you need to support basic body functions, how many calories you burn through normal daily activities, and how many extra calories you can burn through exercise.

Screen For a Fast or Slow Metabolism

You may suffer from an untreated medical condition (thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, etc.), which makes it hard to lose weight.

Find out if your metabolism is within the expected range for your age, size, and gender.

Discover If You’re a Fat or Sugar Burner

​Your diet and eating habits can change what your body burns for energy. Learn how your body fuels itself and see if your dietary effort (e.g. keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc.) can shift you towards better fat burning.

The Report

Receive a data-rich 1-page report showing your daily energy expenditure, target calorie ranges to maintain, gain, or lose weight, and your Respiratory Quotient, which reveals your sugar and fat utilization.

Body Insight uses Korr’s Cardio Coach Metabolic Cart to provide you with best-in-class measuring accuracy.


The Metabolism Test takes 1 hour of your time and costs $125 when purchased on its own. Save money and collect more data by purchasing a test package.

The Foundation Package

This package includes:

✓  Body Composition Test
✓  Metabolism Test

Time commitment: 45 minutes

Investment: $175

No Sweat Baseline Package

This package includes:

✓   Body Composition Test
Metabolism Test
3D Shape Analysis

Time commitment: 1 hour

Investment: $200

The Works Baseline Package

This plan includes:

✓   Body Composition Test
Metabolism Test
3D Shape Analysis
✓   VO2 Max Test

Time commitment: 2 hours

Investment: $275

Want to get the most out of your test results?

Choose the Data-Driven Nutrition, Activity, & Lifestyle Program or the 4-Month Data-Driven Coaching as an add-on when you book your session!

We'll create a personalized plan based on your results and goals so you just have to follow the path to succeed.