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Start by determining your baseline using personal data. From there, you can develop a plan to meet your goals based on your personal health and fitness level.

Health and fitness assessments help you develop SMART goals and create a plan to pursue those goals, all while helping you prevent injuries because you know how to push your body in a way that will create lasting change without pushing it too far too fast.

Available Tests

test Icon body Composition

Body Composition Test

See beyond the numbers on the scale. Get data on your personal fat mass, muscle mass, and water weight.

testIcon metabolism

Metabolism Test

Stop using inaccurate calorie counters and trackers. Learn exactly how many calories you burn in a day.

testIcon 3dShapeAnalyis

3D Shape Analysis

Don’t doubt progress. Actually see the difference in your body over time with precise dimensions and exact body shape.

testIcon cardio

Cardio Fitness Test

Learn your “sweet spot” when it comes to exercise so you can maximize fat loss. This test is ideal for untrained individuals.

testIcon vo2Max

VO2 Max Test

Take your training to new levels. Learn how your body consumes oxygen and identify your target heart rate training zones so you can improve your cardiovascular efficiency.