Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located in Suite 702 at 586 Eglinton Ave E. inside The Bayview Eglinton Medical Centre. The building is located one block west of Bayview on the north side of Eglinton.

Is there parking?

There is limited paid parking behind the building, accessed via Eglinton just west of the main entrance. Parking behind the building is free on weekends. There is free parking on the surrounding side streets including Hoyle Ave., Mann Ave., and Roehampton Ave.

Do you have changing rooms?

We do not have shower facilities, but we do have a changing area where you can change into your workout clothes.

Body Composition Test

What is a Body Composition Test?

A Body Composition Test measures your fat mass, muscle mass, hydration status, and visceral fat. Monitoring these elements lets you see if your training and nutrition efforts are having the desired effect. For example, if you are losing fat and gaining muscle, the scale will not show any change in weight while Body Composition Testing will reveal your true progress.

What technology do you use to measure body composition?

We use Secas medical Body Composition Analyzer, a medical-grade bioelectrical impedance device.

While early generations of bio-impedance technology suffered from poor accuracy, Seca’s device employs cutting edge sensing technology and processing algorithms to deliver best in class accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

How do I prepare for my Body Composition Test?

To get the best accuracy from the test, avoid strenuous exercise and large meals in the four hours prior to your test. Empty your bladder prior to your test. Please wear light-weight clothing and be prepared to remove your socks and shoes.

3D Shape Analysis

What is a BoWhat is 3D Shape Analysis?dy Composition Test?

3D Shape analysis creates a digital model of your body accurate to within +/- 0.1 inches. This allows you to objectively see yourself in 3D. Pan, tilt, and rotate your body model to get an accurate look at body shape from all angles. Identify muscular imbalances and asymmetry that can lead to injury. Assess your posture. By repeating the test every few months, you can see how your body shape changes over time.

What technology do you use to measure body shape?

We use Styku’s Phoenix 3D scanner. The device uses harmless infrared light to scan the body and collect hundreds of thousands of measurements during a 35-second scan.

How do I prepare for my 3D Shape Analysis?

To get the best accuracy from the test, avoid large meals in the four hours prior to your test and empty your bladder before your test. Please wear thin, form-fitting clothing. Briefs or compression shorts work well for men, while a sports bra and compression shorts or yoga pants work well for women.

VO2 Max Test

What is a VO2 Max Test?

A VO2 max test measures your body’s rate of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production at various levels of exertion. This test is a great way to measure your aerobic fitness and the data from the test can pinpoint your anaerobic threshold which is very helpful in determining your unique training heart rate zones.

How do I prepare for my V02 Max Test?

To ensure the best accuracy, please avoid strenuous exercise, caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants on the day of your test. Wear or bring comfortable workout attire and be prepared to run hard.

Metabolism Test

What is a Metabolism Test?

A metabolism test measures the oxygen that your body consumes at rest. Using this measurement, we can calculate your Resting Energy Expenditure, also referred to as your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Knowing your RMR lets us accurately determine your daily calorie needs required to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current state.

How do I prepare for my Metabolism Test?

To ensure the best accuracy, we recommend that you arrive for your test in a rested and relaxed state. Avoid large meals, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or other stimulants in the four hours before your test. Avoid exercise for at least 4 hours before your test.