Performance Coaching

Level Up Your Training

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Optimize your training.

Do you feel like your training is stuck in a rut? Are you putting in the time but not seeing any improvements? Do you want to optimize your training sessions for better results?

We can help.

How Body Insight Can Help

Body Insight is a Toronto company that specializes in performance assessments and coaching to help you achieve your endurance sport goals. ​We save you from wasting precious time and help you get the results you deserve.

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After one session with us, you will understand your current state, receive actionable steps to take to succeed, and be able to track your progress along the way.

Testing gives you the data you need to optimize your training and measure your progress. Coaching gives you the nutrition & training plans to maximize your performance.

Performance Coaching takes a holistic approach to you as an athlete. We take the time to understand you inside and out, and work with you to develop a nutrition and training plan tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

A well-designed training program supported by proper nutrition sets you up for athletic success. We give you everything you need to know to achieve your goals.


Our Approach

Your body is unique.

So are your training goals and lifestyle.

We take the time to understand you so that we can work together to craft a comprehensive plan that will get you results.

Starting with your test results, personal preferences, and lifestyle details, we apply proven nutrition and training principles to develop your unique program.

Research and Accountability

Why Our Approach Works

Researchers have identified factors that make a training program effective.

​Setting realistic expectations, pushing your limits in a safe way, receiving support, having a positive mindset, and being held accountable are factors that significantly increase your chances of success.

Our Performance Coaching gives you all that and more.

What to Expect

Our coaching process happens in five phases:


Phase 1: Lifestyle Assessment

You provide details about your current lifestyle, habits, preferences, goals, and motivation. We take the time to understand you so you get a program that works.

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Phase 2: Baseline Testing

You visit our clinic for a Metabolism Test, Body Composition Test, a VO2 Max Test, and a 3D Shape Analysis. Using this data, we work with you to understand your current state, identify areas for improvement, and set objective goals.

workout plan

Phase 3: Program Kickoff

Using your lifestyle and test results, we develop your unique nutrition and activity plan. During this 45-minute call, we review your plan and get your commitment to the plan.

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Phase 4: Working the Plan

Through weekly video or phone check-ins, we give you weekly tasks, address concerns and challenges, and keep you motivated.

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Phase 5: Follow-Up Testing

At the end of three months, you will return to our clinic for re-testing of your body composition. We will also celebrate your success!

*Please note this 5-phase process is only for our 12-Week Performance Coaching package. The Self-Guided Performance Program does not include Phase 4.

The Keys to Your Success

goal setting

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

From where you are to where you want to be, we help you set realistic goals, establish timelines, and measure your progress along the way.


Support and Accountability

Knowing that you are fully supported through the process is a powerful motivator. Questions, encouragement, support – we are here for you!

changing habits

Habit and Skill Development

Chances are you have some bad habits that are holding you back. We will help you break these habits and replace them with healthy ones. You will develop the skills and habits to achieve lasting success.

Peformance Coaching Packages

Achieving lasting change takes time. Both of our coaching packages give you enough time to target any specific weaknesses and make noticeable improvements in your aerobic conditioning.

12-Week Performance Coaching

Designed for those who want a coach to develop their training program as well as provide guidance and accountability for three months.

This package includes:

  • Metabolism Test ($125 value)
  • 2 VO2 Max Tests ($300 value)
  • 2 Body Composition Tests ($150 value)
  • Custom Training Plan ($100 value)
  • Custom Nutrition Plan ($100 value)
  • 6 Bi-Weekly Check-In Sessions ($450 value)

Total value: $1,225

Investment: $950

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Self-Guided Performance Program

Designed for those who want to work with a coach to develop a training program and are comfortable executing the program on their own.

This package includes:

  • Metabolism Test ($125 value)
  • VO2 Max test ($150 value)
  • Body Composition Test ($85 value)
  • 3D Shape Analysis ($60 value)
  • Custom Nutrition Plan ($100 value)
  • Custom Training Plan ($100 value)

Total value: $620

Investment: $425

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