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Everyone deserves to be healthy.

We believe that everybody deserves access to their best body and health.

That’s why we make advanced health and fitness assessments available to all.

Body Insight exists to empower you to take control of your health and fitness.

We’ve built our business around our belief that the path to optimal wellness begins with self-awareness and a desire to change.

But that’s not enough.

You need a compelling reason to change (why), clear goals (what and when), a plan to achieve them (how), and confidence that you can do it (who).

Our services are designed to answer the who, what, why, when, and how of your transformation.

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During your visit, we’ll discuss what optimal wellness looks like for you and establish realistic, measurable short- and long-term goals and help you discover your why. And we’ll be there to encourage you and measure your progress along the journey.

Often, the results from your first visit are enough to empower you to achieve your goals. But maybe you need more support, for example, to dial in your nutrition, address a lingering injury, and/or set up an exercise routine. Because we’ve taken the time to get to know you, we’re able to refer you to our curated network for preferred partners. We have a broad network of providers across the GTA and are familiar with their diverse services, personalities, and philosophies, so we can match you with the best resources to accompany you on your journey. We never receive compensation for any of our referrals, so you can trust that your results are our only objective.

When you come to us with a desire to change, we’ll make sure you leave knowing where you need to improve, have a clear path forward, tangible goals, and a partner to hold you accountable.

Change isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.
When you’re ready to make a change, we’re here to help.

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Our Mission

Provide easy access to advanced health and fitness assessment services to enable individuals to define and reach goals, optimize efforts, measure progress, and achieve their potential.

Our Vision

The leading Canadian company that makes advanced health and fitness assessments accessible to all.

Our Core Values



We understand that confidence in our data and trust in our advice are requisites for the success of our clients and our company. We deliver unbiased and accurate test results, provide evidence-based advice, and limit our scope of practice to our areas of expertise.



We are confident in our knowledge and proud of what we do, but we know that there is always room for improvement. We are open to new ideas and viewpoints. We are lifelong learners, seeking knowledge to help us better serve our clients. We welcome honest feedback as it offers opportunities for improvement.



We love what we do and are grateful that our clients choose us to help them improve their health. Our passion fuels our drive to engage and motivate our clients. We demonstrate our passion every day through our words and actions.



We recognize that everyone has an equal right to pursue optimal wellness regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. In our eyes, the goals of an Olympic hopeful are as important as those of an individual struggling to lose weight. We provide everyone with the same level of professionalism, compassion, and care, regardless of where they are on their fitness and health journey.



We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. We do this by empathetically listening to their unique story and taking a genuine interest in the individual and their goals. We believe the strength of our business can be measured by the strength of our relationships.

Meet Our Founder

martin walker
Hi, I’m Martin.

My strong desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals led me to start Body Insight in the spring of 2018.

I don’t have a dramatic personal transformation story to inspire you, but I’ve been successful at “reinventing” myself – both personally and professionally – a number of times over the past 20 years. I’ve experienced professional success in three different professions – engineering, accounting, and fitness.
At the same time, I’ve chased and achieved diverse fitness goals. In my 20s, I built a respectable degree of strength (powerlifting a total of 405/315/465 at 230 lbs) and competed in amateur Strongman events. In my 30s, I trimmed down to <15% body fat to optimize my performance in running and obstacle course events. And now, in my 40s, I've shifted my priorities and am working to become a better CrossFit athlete and am chasing health goals to support aging well and keeping up with my three active kids. Through all these life stages and transitions, the one constant has been the process I've used to make any changes. I've always connected with a strong why that drives the change, a laser-focus on clearly defined goals, a concrete action plan, and I regularly assess my progress. ​ Body Insight is designed to be a Google Maps for your wellness. Our services will show you where you are today, let you define a goal, and track your progress along the way. Whether you're looking to lose your first 20 lbs, achieve <10% body fat, refine your workout plan, or complete your first marathon, I believe our data-driven insights will fuel your journey. ​ Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, my vision, and Body Insight. I look forward to helping you get after your goals so you can look, feel, and be your best. ​ In health,
Martin Walker

Founder and Owner, Body Insight
Martin Walker

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