After seeing a number of inspirational transformations at Body Insight, we want to start sharing them with you!

The couple we’re about to introduce to you has contagious energy, but don’t take our word for it — several of their friends have been in to see us after witnessing their transformation firsthand and were ready to feel that same empowerment themselves.

In fact, it was their story and success that gave us this idea in the first place…

So the secret’s out: we’re beyond excited to announce James Deane and Samantha Clelland as the first Body Insight Ambassadors!

The first time we connected with them, it was through James who reached out to us to schedule a session for both himself and his girlfriend, Samantha.

James and Sam “Before”

Before James discovered Body Insight, he’d been struggling to get a notable amount of weight off and keep it off. When he was younger he’d manage to shift weight around easily and found that a few simple changes had more dramatic results. He’d later try to mimic those changes to see if he could lose the weight again, but nothing worked as before — weight came off but wouldn’t stay off. It seemed impossible and he felt severely demotivated.
james before

James “Before”

On the other hand, Samantha was a healthy and happy size and weight when they moved to Canada in 2013, but over the years the weight slowly crept on and she didn’t notice it.

Sam thought she was doing the right thing by going to the gym and thought it was okay to eat what she wanted because she would be “burning” it off during her gym routines.

sam before

Sam “Before”

In fact, it wasn’t until she saw pictures from her 30th birthday that she realized how much weight she had put on. Before she came to Body Insight she had tried several different diets to try and lose some weight (from weight watchers to slimming world — even keto!) but nothing worked and she knew it was time to make a change — not just to look a certain way but to get her health in check.

After reading an article online about Body Insight on a young professionals website and watching a series on Netflix called ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ in which they use a DEXA scan, James didn’t have any second thoughts about coming in for the first time but was instead excited to experience similar equipment and see the results for himself.

In turn, he encouraged Sam to go with him, but she was a bit nervous to see herself in 3D, find out what she actually looked like, and potentially discover how bad her results would actually be. She was apprehensive that she would feel embarrassed that she “let herself go that much”.

With James’ excitement and Sam’s apprehension, they came in for the ‘Works Baseline Package’ one Saturday morning in early March 2019…

james and sam 3d

The March 2, 2019 to August 11, 2019 transformation from our 3D body scans.

The Numbers



Weight: 275.03 lbs to 231.38 lbs (-43.65 lbs)

Fat: 106.37 lbs (38.7% body fat percentage) to 70.69 lbs (30.6% body fat percentage)

Chest: -4.3 inches

Bust: -5.7 inches

Waist: -6.0 inches

Low Waist: -5.3 inches

High Waist: -3.1 inches

Hips: -4.6 inches



Weight: 185.85 lbs to 161.49 lbs (-24.36 lbs)

Fat: 82.97 lbs (44.6% body fat percentage) to 61.47 lbs (38.1% body fat percentage)

Chest: -2.3 inches

Bust: -2.7 inches

Waist: -2.2 inches

Low Waist: -3.1 inches

High Waist: -3.6 inches

Hips: -2.9 inches


The Experience

When we asked James what he found most helpful in working with Body Insight, he instantly replied, “Can I say everything?

Even though he initially was excited about the equipment, James said, “It was the team at Body Insight over the equipment that was most helpful for him.

james and sam chart
“In today’s app-driven world we’re led to believe that a simple free download, followed by entering a few numbers can yield similar results to that of the equipment,” says James. “Not true, apps don’t have a personalized service or a human connection. And having the (Body Insight) team answer our questions — regardless how stupid — was so helpful since everything was personable and individualized to me, I never felt rushed or made to feel only like a customer.”

Sam found the metabolic rate testing to be invaluable information that she thinks everyone should do. But moreover “the way Martin and Deanne explain the results of all the testing were simplified and made the journey I was about to embark seem less daunting,” she shared.

“The key to really giving this a try and that they go into detail and really break it down so it’s easy to understand. I think it’s really hard to find people to connect with that care as much about something as they do! I knew we had their support and were excited as we were about our weight loss goals.”

Although Sam initially answered what was most helpful in working with Body Insight with, “Apart from everything… well everything!!

The team at Body Insight strives to not only have the gold standard of technology, but also the gold standard of human touch.


The Breakthrough

Since they first connected with Body Insight James said his biggest breakthrough, “without a doubt”, would be the weight loss. They both have really pushed themselves over the last few months and people have complimented James on how good he looks now — when James tells them about the 40+ lbs they’ve lost people always ask, “How?!”

James said, “We have a big trip back to the UK to visit old friends in August — who have seen a few sneak peek pictures of us on social media with our weight loss and they’re all asking what diet we’re following… most of them can’t believe it’s been this simple.

Sam is honest — she can’t even believe the weight loss and what they’ve achieved over the past 3-4 months!

She’s also had so many compliments on how good she looks and Sam’s rediscovered clothes that never used to fit her and even had to do a wardrobe clear out of things that were just too big for her. She never thought it would work this well, “Currently down 27 lbs and counting!” says Sam, and because she’s managed to integrate this into her day to day life it’s really become a lifestyle change so is not looking back to her old ways — “not even for 1 second!”

sam on a bike

The Life Change

How has life changed after your assessment with us? What does life look and feel like now that your problem is solved or being solved?” we wondered at Body Insight.

Even though we could see the numbers, results, and transformation for ourselves, we wanted to hear their answers.


James declared, “I feel amazing. I never thought I’d feel different. I’m still trying new ways to get fit – I surprised myself for going on a 5k jog the other night… the old me would never have the inclination to do that. I’ve tried new weight lifting exercises at the gym (breaking my previous routine which I was doing for 4 years). I wake up in the morning for gym sessions at 6:30 am. My doctor was shocked at how much weight I’d managed to lose. In May I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and I’m so close to reversing it; only 21 lbs to go before I’m all clear. Plus, I’ve been told I’m no longer snoring (I never did anyway before anyway 😉).”

But that’s not the only running he’s doing; James is playing bigger than ever before by recently starting and running his own business called BlueBox IT that helps small business with their IT challenges. We believe success carries momentum and his is just speeding up!

Sam stated that this transformation changed how she’s showing up in her life now.

The Body Insight Difference

James works in technology and uses hard data to solve problems, so he naturally wanted the same power that comes from knowledge and numbers when it came to his body to help him define and reach his goals. He wanted the stats on his fat levels, his measurements, his metabolic rate, etc. James wanted to be able to get a deeper look into what his fitness level was and where he was stacked up against your average male in his age range. James had to admit that before booking he didn’t know if he would be walking away with a new weight lifting routine and a lecture about how I should ‘exercise more and eat less’…

“They’re not personal trainers… and rightly so,” James said. Instead he found the team was there to support and guide you on how to make the right choices. “This isn’t going to be a GoodLife 10 minute personal training talk or a chance for people to repeat the same things back to you about weight loss or lecture you on how to live your life… or even judge you! The team is here to help do what they say, give you the data and insight into your body, it’s your choice what you do with that.”

We think Sam put what we do well; “Don’t expect tips on fitness or a nutrition plan made up for you. This is not what Body Insight is all about. The team are there to guide you on the right path and help you achieve your goal with personalized information about you. There is no sales pitch to buy into any additional services, judgments on who you are or what choices you have made or will continue to make. It’s a judgement free space for you to get to know more about yourself and for you to make a choice on what you do with that information.”

Both James and Sam are an example of what can happen when you make a choice of what to do with the information we give you.

The Gratitude

James said he’d been lost without Body Insight and that “by putting in 90% effort he got 100% results.” Even though their primary focus was losing weight and retaining muscle mass and you might think you’d have to be super restrictive and not be able to live your life as you please, they’ve had a blast over the last few months.

“At no point did I ever feel that I would show up for a set of “after” scans and be judged if I’d only managed to lose 1 lb,” said James. “We didn’t even feel guilty having two vacations and pigging out on chocolate and banana pudding in New York! It was all great.”

(The truth comes out, James! 🙂)

“I’m not sure how I could ever thank the team at Body Insight enough. We managed to exceed our own expectations and I’ve been so excited to go back for an ‘after scan’,” he declared.

Sam says to Body Insight that she “can’t thank you enough for these services being readily available to the public and showing me an easy solution to my goals. It’s been quite a journey but I never gave up (even when the scales didn’t always go down). I learned that it is okay for the scales to go up and go down, it doesn’t matter because the long term results are here and they are here to stay! I have learned to love myself, enjoy life in all it’s glory! I have never been more excited to see my ‘after scans’ and compare to what I was and also see my family and friends in August to show off the results! A thousand times thank you, Body Insight, I really will forever be in your debt!”

*cue the tears from the Body Insight Team*

The pleasure is all ours, James and Sam! We’re here to celebrate your success with you and absolutely love that you’ve learned to love yourself and enjoy life in all it’s glory! You deserve it.

james sam after 2

James and Sam “After”

The 1 Thing They Want You to Know

In conclusion, if you’re considering, but hesitating for whatever reason, about booking anything with Body Insight, Sam would say to you, “If you’re looking for change and don’t know where to start — speak to Body Insight. I know it’s daunting and you don’t think it will work but the results speak for themselves. If you are ready and driven enough to give it a try you will be amazed at what you can achieve. This is one on one about you, with your own personalized data and results about you. It’s not general, it’s not a monthly subscription you will be paying for to find out what the secret is to losing weight, everything is transparent and you get all the information you need to start with a set goal in mind. Once you have that information you are already well on your way to your own success and a healthier life!!”

And James wants to tell you, “Our journey has been epic — we focused on weight loss, and now you have an amazing change to visit, get the results, try your best (it’s all you can do) and see where it takes you. Don’t follow these diets and generic routines and calculators online, get YOUR own individual results from Body Insight. After seeing the results that we’ve achieved I hope it helps you make your decision to visit Body Insight a little bit easier. We’ll certainly be friends for life.”

The team at Body Insight is heartfelt and happy to say the same. It’s an honour to not only be a part of your story, but to share it and in your success. Plus, we’re so excited for all to come for you both!

James and Sam are a leading testament to what is possible.

We want to spotlight people like them, so…

a) you know you’re not alone in this journey; no matter your goals or “after” picture.
b) we can share, celebrate, and build on our success as individuals and a team.
c) we empower others to see what’s possible when more people have the clarity and confidence from these assessments to achieve their best body and health.

This is why we do what we do.


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