Tracking your body shape is a great way of measuring your health and fitness progress. Shrinking your waist shows that your losing visceral fat and reducing your cardiovascular disease risk. Increasing the size of your chest, arms and legs, while holding your waist constant shows your muscle building efforts are working.

However, if you’ve ever tried tracking shape changes using a tape measure, you’ve likely noticed that the measurements are very sensitive factors including; where you position the tape measure, how tight you pull the tape and the angle of the tape. It’s easy to bias the measurements – I’ll just leave the tape a little looser while I measure my arms, slide the tape up my body a bit to shrink my waist measurement, flex my calf a bit while I’m measuring it and voila! My numbers have improved.

There is a better way! Advances in imaging technology and post-processing algorithms have improved the speed and accuracy of 3D body scanners, allowing you to capture a complete 3D scan of your body in a matter of seconds.

Published studies report measurement accuracy of +/-2mm with 3D Body Scanners. Try getting that with a hand held tape measure.

At Body Insight, our Fit3D Proscanner uses IR imaging to capture over 200,000 scan points within a matter of seconds. These points are used to generate an accurate 3D model of your body. The Proscanners proprietary scan software consistently recognizes key body landmarks and extracts measurements for body parts.

reference for females
In the image below, you can see a sample scan report showing the captured measurements.
reference for females

Beyond tracking changes in these numbers, you can also use these values to identify imbalances in your physique. For example, the sample scan shows someone who is right side dominant (larger right arm, forearm, leg and calf measurements). By focusing on unilateral (single-side) exercises, this user could improve their body symmetry and reduce their injury risk.

Tracking changes over time provides a tangible way to monitor your progress, identify imbalances and help you improve your symmetry and proportions.

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