I’m happy that you’ve discovered Body Insight and found your way to our blog.

It’s been one year since I decided to start this fitness testing business and I want to share my story and explain why I started Body Insight. I confess, this post is a little self-serving. I hope it will help me keep sight of the ‘big picture’ through the inevitable challenges that lie ahead as I work to grow the business.

So why did I start Body Insight?

I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness. In my late teens and 20’s, I spent lots of time in the gym. I moved some heavy weights, posted some respectable power lifting totals, and even competed in an amateur strong man competition. I spent 3+ rewarding years as a personal trainer working with a range of clients. I loved learning about health and nutrition and using this knowledge to help others.

Fast forward 20 years. After successful stints as a Manufacturing Engineer and Tax Consultant, I wanted to shift career gears to better align my passion and my day job. After way too much thinking/brainstorming/day dreaming, I finally settled on fitness testing as the best way for me to get into the health and fitness space.

In my life, I’ve realized my biggest ‘wins’ when I was laser focused on specific goals. At work, this meant working to develop specific skills, refining processes or eliminating bad habits. In the gym, it meant tracking pounds lifted, miles ran or calories consumed. And that’s when I had my Ah-Hah moment.

I realized that bringing a data-driven, goal-based approach to improving people’s health and fitness is way I can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. New technologies have allowed made previous unavailable and/or unaffordable testing services accessible. After much research, I chose #Seca’s mBCA Body Composition analyzer and #Fit3D’s 3D body scanning technology as two effective tools to track changes in fat and muscle mass and body shape. I selected #Korr’s Cardio Coach as a reliable method of measuring cardiovascular fitness.

I strongly feel that if you improve your VO2 score, increase your muscle mass and bring body fat levels into the right range for your age/gender, you’ve maximized your chances of living a long, healthy life.

I realize that there are many effective exercise and nutrition programs available. The internet is full of great resources. I encourage you to experiment, try different things and find what works best for you. I’ve designed our testing services to support you on your journey and I look forward to watching you progress towards your best self.